Yamuna in spate: Hathnikund Barrage Water Level Today: Two Lakh 23 Thousand Cusecs of Water Recorded on Saturday

Hathnikund Barrage Water Level Today: Two Lakh 23 Thousand Cusecs Of Water Recorded On Saturday

Yamuna in spate
Photo: Samvad News Agency.


The Yamuna river, which was flowing quietly for a few days, was again in spate on Saturday. On Saturday morning at 11 am, 2 lakh 23 thousand cusecs of water was recorded in Yamuna river at Hathini Kund Barrage. The residents of Delhi have once again faced a crisis due to the rise in the water level. The water flowing from the barrage will reach Delhi in the next 72 hours.

Due to increase in the water level in the river, the Irrigation Department has stopped the supply of water to the Western Yamuna Canal coming from the barrage to Yamunanagar and the Eastern Yamuna Canal going to Uttar Pradesh, because a large amount of stones, trees and silt comes along with the water in the Yamuna river, due to which there is a danger of clogging of the canals. Earlier, on July 11, maximum 3 lakh 59 thousand cusecs of water was recorded at Hathini Kund Barrage.

Soil and stone washed away on Jagadhri-Paonta National Highway

It is raining heavily since morning in Bilaspur and Pratapnagar areas of Yamunanagar. In Pratapnagar, a large amount of mud and stones flowed from the mountains and came to the Kalesar area on the Jagadhri-Paonta National Highway, due to which the drivers had to face a lot of trouble. There was a jam on the highway.

This is how the water level increased

The water level of Hathini Kund barrage was only 47130 cusecs at 8 pm on Friday night. Out of which 17010 cusec water was given to Western Yamuna Canal and 1810 cusec water to UP. While there was 52969 cusecs of water at 12 noon. The water level in the barrage had reduced to 47198 cusecs at 11 pm on Friday night. The water level of Yamuna river started rising from 3 o’clock in the night. Yamuna’s water level at the barrage was 56688 cusecs at 3 am, 59577 cusecs at 4 am, 63405 cusecs at 5 am, 73390 cusecs at 6 am, 82204 cusecs at 7 am, 87177 cusecs at 8 am, 147857 cusecs at 9 am, 209042 cusecs at 10 am. At the same time, the Som river is also flowing in spate in the district. At 10 am, 10620 cusecs of water was flowing in Mon. Due to which a situation of waterlogging has arisen in the villages along the Som river.