Wood market traders are being forced to leave wood work, know the reason

Pankaj Singta/Shimla. The wooden market of Shimla is popular not only in India but even in England. Tourists visiting Shimla definitely visit Lakkar Bazaar. Lakkar Bazaar located along the ridge plain is famous for products made of wood. There was a time when all the shops in Lakkar Bazaar used to sell only girl made items, but today Lakkar Bazaar is losing its heritage. Nowadays, more clothing shops have opened here than wooden goods shops. Even those who sell products made of wood today do not have the same quality as before.

Harpreet, a local shopkeeper of Lakkar Bazaar, told Local 18 that he has been running a shop in Shimla for the last 24 years. His grandfather and father used to work in wood and they themselves used to make and sell wooden products, but now they have to stop wood work and start making clothes. The reason for this is that now people are not ready to bring wood from the forests, in today’s era people are not ready to work.

Old wood has longer life
Harpreet told that today more than half of the items available in Lakkar market are fake or Chinese. Original wood is thick wood and has a very long life, but working on that wood is very laborious and a bit difficult. People are no longer ready to work hard, so they find it better to use Chinese wood. Chinese wood is very easy to cut and can be made beautiful with light workmanship and paint. The life of this wood is very short and after some time it gets spoiled or breaks.

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