Will Russia lose the war with Ukraine? Putin was betrayed by his own people! Even soldiers are not obeying orders

It has been more than a year since the Russia-Ukraine war, but the chances of its end are nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, big news is coming out that discontent among Russian soldiers is increasing rapidly. The Institute for the Study of War says Russian soldiers are now disobeying orders from commanders, causing problems for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces amid the Ukraine war.


The think tank noted that Russian military bloggers had reacted strongly to the sacking of 58th Combined Arms Army commander Colonel General Ivan Popov, as in audio released last week, Popov spoke directly to Putin about frontline situations, the Hindustan Times reported. Had complained. (AP file photo)


Soldiers of the 7th VDV Division were also warned that they would withdraw from occupied Kherson if Mikhail Teplinsky was arrested. The ISW said it showed how “disobedience among commanders seems to be spreading to some of their soldiers.”


The ISW suggested that the defiance was manufactured by Vladimir Putin, who routinely bypassed established command chains with the aim of achieving quick results. At the same time, the Military Intelligence of Ukraine has intercepted a conversation between Russian soldiers.


There are also reports of the dismissal of top Russian officers, including 106th Guards Airborne (VDV) Division Commander Major General Vladimir Seliverstov, 7th VDV Division Commander Major General Alexander Kornev and 90th Tank Division Commander Major General Ramil Ibatulin. (AP photo)


In this conversation, Russian soldiers are talking about the firing in their brigade. Ukrainian intelligence says that this shows the mental state of Russian soldiers affected by the war. There are also reports that Russian soldiers are fighting in Ukraine in difficult conditions and some soldiers have even refused to go to the front.