Why is organ donation important? How to apply for donor card; Know all the answers here

Pankaj Singta/Shimla. Organ donation is in vogue today. Social organizations including hospitals and doctors are also promoting it at the personal level. Someone’s life can be saved by organ donation. Organ donation can be done in two ways, the first of which is living, that is, donating a kidney or such a body part to a person while he is alive, so that the donor remains alive and the receiver also remains alive. In the second option, organs from the person’s body are donated after death. For this, permission of the family is mandatory.

Speaking to Local 18, Dr. Shomin Dhiman, Joint Director of State Organ Tissue and Transplant Organization Himachal Pradesh (SOTO) and Hospital Administrator of IGMC, said that the government is making people aware about organ donation through many mediums. NOTO (National Organ Tissue and Transplant Organization) works at the national level, ROTO at the regional level and SOTO at the state level works on this subject. In this, along with making people aware, their donor cards are also made. Our team does this work through various camps and so far around 100 camps have been organized by our team.

Why is organ donation important?
Dr. Shomin Dhiman said that organ donation is very important, people’s lives can be saved through it and people should come forward actively in this. In living donation, only a relative can donate the organ to any relative, whereas after death, the organ can be donated to any person if there is an organ match. After the death of a person, his organs can save the life of another person.

How to apply for donor card
Dr. Dhiman told that any person can apply for donor card through online medium. In this, the card can be made by visiting the website of Noto or Soto. In this, it is mandatory for any person to have Aadhar card and that Aadhar card must be linked with the mobile number, because this card is possible to be made only after receiving OTP on the mobile number linked with the Aadhar card. Any person who has completed 18 years of age can apply for this.

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