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Shimla. There has been a decline in suicide cases in Himachal Pradesh in the last year. The state police has released figures in which there has been a decrease in suicide cases in 2023 as compared to 2022. Besides, a decrease has also been recorded in the cases of forced suicide in the state. Let us tell you that Himachal Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh) During the Corona period, around 1000 thousand people had committed suicide.

According to Himachal Pradesh Police data, more than 2000 people have committed suicide in the last three years. However, now the figure has reduced. The state police has claimed that a reduction in cases has been registered due to the awareness program and their initiative.

Himachal Police figures show that in the year 21, 67 cases of forced suicide were reported. Similarly, in 2022, 74 cases and now in the year 2023, a total of 54 cases have reached the police. Similarly, in the year 2021, there were 850 cases of suicide, in which the police took action under Section 174. In the year 2022, 692 cases and in 2023, 669 cases reached the police and there was a decrease in the cases.

Himachal Pradesh Police claimed that due to counselling, mapping and identification of suicide prone areas, the cases have reduced.

Mandi Police had started the initiative

Mandi District Police had also started a helpline number at its level regarding suicide cases. Last week, SP Soumya Sambashivan was promoted from Mandi district. She has become DIG. He started this initiative. In a phone conversation with News18, he told that drug addiction is the biggest reason for suicide. They had received 15-20 calls on the helpline and one person had reached the river bank. He saved him. She says loneliness is the biggest reason for suicide. But now awareness has increased. Let us tell you that Mandi Police has issued helpline number 155326. This is the only district in Himachal where there is such a helpline.

What do experts say

Dr. Anita Thakur of the Psychiatric Department in the Zonal Hospital of Mandi district says that people have become more aware than before. Earlier, people suffering from depression used to hesitate in coming forward, but now awareness is greater and information about the disease is also reaching people, hence they are reaching the hospital. She says that in case of depression or suicidal feeling, people should definitely come to the nearest health center or hospital. She says that in the present times, there are reasons like failure in relationships and loneliness and that is why people commit suicide.

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