WhatsApp Chat Lock feature now automatically activates to all linked devices

WhatsApp: WhatsApp keeps introducing some new feature in its app every day, so that its users always remain attracted towards WhatsApp. In this modern world of social media and internet, the biggest fear for users is their privacy.

Most users do not like to compromise with their privacy. WhatsApp has already introduced many special features in its app to ensure the privacy of its users, but this time the company has made arrangements to put another lock on those features.

New feature of WhatsApp

Actually, there is a feature called Chat Lock in WhatsApp, which is used to lock WhatsApp chat in your mobile phone. This means that even if someone else knows the password of your phone, he will not be able to open your WhatsApp. However, for this you will have to activate the chat lock setting in your phone.

Now WhatsApp has made this chat lock setting available on mobile devices as well as your WhatsApp linked devices. This means that till now the chat lock feature was used only on one device i.e. the users’ primary WhatsApp device, but now if the users turn on the chat lock on their primary WhatsApp device, then their WhatsApp on their other devices i.e. laptop or tablet will also be used. Chat will be locked on the account.

Every device will be locked automatically

To understand this in simple words, if users apply chat lock on their main WhatsApp device, then chat lock will be automatically applied on the WhatsApp account running on all your other devices also. This is a very useful feature, because till now users used to set chat lock on their main device, but still they are afraid of WhatsApp privacy being leaked through their other devices. Now people will not feel such fear, because all their devices will be locked. The beta version of this feature has been implemented for Android devices.

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