What happened that the woman’s hands and legs had to be amputated after eating fish, you will not believe after knowing the reason

Viral News: Non-veg lovers eat fish with great enthusiasm. Fish is also said to be very beneficial. However, sometimes it can also prove fatal. Actually, something similar has happened in California, America. An American woman has lost both her hands and both legs due to eating fish here. You must have been surprised after reading this news. But it is true, four body parts of the woman had to be amputated. Only then somehow his life could be saved. 

According to the report of New York Post, this incident happened due to eating contaminated fish. Laura Barajas, 40, of San Jose, California, became infected after eating undercooked tilapia. This infection was spreading rapidly throughout the body, so the doctors decided to amputate both hands and both legs. According to the report, after eating the contaminated fish, the condition of the victim had deteriorated so much that she went into a coma. However, now he is out of danger. 

Feeling deteriorated after eating fish 

The victim’s friend Anna Messina said that Barajas’ health deteriorated after eating fish. He said Barajas became ill a few days after eating fish purchased from a local market in San Jose. He had cooked the fish for himself at home. Masina told that his fingers, toes and lower lip had turned black, he was just breathing.

Hands and legs had to be amputated 

 He had eaten a fish named Tilapia which was infected with dangerous bacteria. He told that after eating the fish, the infection spread so rapidly that both the kidneys failed. Barajas also has a 6-year-old child. The report said that his life was saved after staying in the hospital for a month, but now Barajas has no arms and legs.

Regarding this incident, doctors say that the fish contained a bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus which is often found in raw seafood. In such a situation, it is very important to cook seafood properly. Otherwise, all of these can be fatal. According to experts, about 150-200 cases of infection are reported every year and one in five people suffering from the infection dies. 

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