‘We’re Not Schoolchildren’: Why Jaya Bachchan Lost Cool In Front Of RS Chairman Dhankhar

New Delhi: Samajwadi Party MP and actor Jaya Bachchan on Tuesday lost her calm in the Rajya Sabha when a question was skipped during the Question Hour. 

She said to Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar "We’re not school children," further stating that the MPs should be treated with respect. 

A question was skipped during the Question Hour in the Upper House and Congress MP Deepender Hooda and other members of the opposition protested against it. < /p>

Amid the uproar, Dhankhar said to the opposition members, "You are not her (Ms Bachchan’s) spokesperson. She herself is a very senior member. No, you don’t have to support her, she is a very senior member."

That is when Jaya Bachchan raised her voice and questioned why the question was skipped. Bachchan said that the members would have understood if the issue was explained to them and that they are "not schoolchildren". 

When Jaya Bachchan got up to speak, the chairman interrupted her and said, "I would request Jaya Bachchan ji… Jaya ji you are a very senior member. Even otherwise in the country, whatever you say is well-regarded.  You will cheer us, all of us, and I am sure a great actor like you must have taken many retakes also (sic)."

Bachchan interrupted, saying she should be allowed to speak, and emphasized that she has huge respect for the deputy chairman.

"If you or the deputy chairman ask us to sit, we will, but we won’t do so when another member gestures at us and tells us to sit. It is our right to question. You tell us you can’t take up a question or that there is a problem and it will be taken up later, we understand, we are not schoolchildren. But treat us respectfully," she said. 

Responding to her remarks, Dhankhar said, "Point made. I think no one will disagree with the sentiment. The House is under the control of rules and the person presiding, and I am sure everyone will follow… everything has to be through the Chair."