Watch Viral Video Pakistani People Supported India Said Canada Is Left Alone

Viral Video: In the dispute that started between India and Canada regarding Khalistani terrorists, there are continuous reactions from Pakistan. The whole world is keeping an eye on this news. In such a situation, Pakistani people are also giving their reaction on this issue. At the same time, some Pakistani people believe that if Pakistan had existed today in place of India and Canada was making serious allegations against it, then countries across the world would have sidelined it.

Actually, a video of a Pakistani YouTuber is going viral, in which he is seen questioning the people of Pakistan on the Canada-India dispute. In the viral video, YouTuber asks the public who will suffer the most in this controversy. On which everyone takes the name of Canada. A Pakistani youth says that today Canada seems to be alone in this dispute. The powerful countries of the world including America, Britain, Russia are standing with India.

Had Pakistan been there, it would have been standing alone on the corner.

On this, the YouTuber further questions that if there was Pakistan in place of India, would countries around the world have supported like this? On this question most Pakistani people say never. If Pakistan had been in India’s place, it would have been standing at the corner today. In the condition Pakistan is in, no country in the world supports us. A Pakistani further says that today countries around the world seem eager to establish relations with India. American people are doing knowledgeable business in India. India’s economy is one of the largest economies in the world. In such a situation, everyone is standing with India today. At the same time, the condition of Pakistan is very bad at present. The youth of Pakistan are looking for jobs, which they are not able to get.

Pakistani youth regrets separation from India

The Pakistani youth further says that why did we separate from India? I feel sorry. If we were in India today, we would not be in this situation. The Pakistani youth further says that the way Canada is left alone today, in future it will step back from this dispute. It is noteworthy that the Canadian PM has accused India of the murder of pro-Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Even now the Canadian PM is repeating his words. However, India has already rejected them as absurd.

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