Wall Street Shifts Its Focus From China To India Endorsing as the prime investment destination for next decade Indian Stock Market: Goldman Sachs

Indian Stock Market Update: The Indian stock market is touching new heights and there is a possibility of more investment in the Indian stock market in the coming days. Big changes are being seen in global markets. In view of the crisis looming over the Chinese economy, foreign investors are increasing investments in India by withdrawing their investments from there. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have declared India as the world’s prime investment destination for the next decade.

According to a Bloomberg report, $62 billion hedge fund Marshall Wace has chosen India for long-term investment after America in its flagship fund. Zurich-based Vontobel Holding AG has placed India at first place in its emerging-market holdings. Janus Henderson Group PLC is exploring the possibility of acquiring a fund house in India. Compared to China, Japanese retail investors are giving more preference to India for investment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Under the leadership of PM Modi, India has worked vigorously on strengthening its infrastructure, due to which India has become the fastest growing economy in the world. On one hand, Modi government is busy in attracting global capital and supply lines from China to India. India is also getting tremendous benefits from China’s increasing tension with western countries. Japan’s traditional retail investors, who till now preferred investing in America, are also getting attracted towards India. Five India-focused mutual funds of Japan are included in the top 20 funds in terms of inflows. Nomura Indian Stock Fund is at a four-year high.

The growth of the Indian economy and the growth of the value of its stock market are interrelated. If economic development shows growth at the rate of 7 percent, then the market value of the market also shows growth at the same pace. In the last two decades, India’s GDP and the market capitalization of the stock market have almost equally increased from $ 500 billion to $ 3.5 trillion.

In the last less than a year, India’s stock market has given strong returns to investors. On March 20, 2023, the Sensex had slipped to 57000 and the Nifty had reached the level of 16800. From this level, Sensex has increased by 15000 points or 26.31 percent and Nifty has increased by 5000 points or about 30 percent. The market value of the Indian stock market, which was around Rs 255 lakh crore, has now increased to Rs 387 lakh crore. That means, in 11 months, the wealth of investors in the Indian market has increased by Rs 132 lakh crore.

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