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Teddy Bear Horror Movies: Whenever we hear the name of teddy, a soft and cute toy comes to our mind. Children and girls especially like this soft toy. They like to keep cute and soft toys with them and this is what they get most as gifts. There have been some films in Bollywood and Hollywood in which people got scared after seeing teddy bears or dolls. In those films, a soft and cute teddy or doll is shown in a terrible form.

In films, when a small toy hurts people, they are a little surprised, but when the same small toy commits big crimes and kills people, then people get quite scared. Some such films have been made in Indian cinema and Hollywood. In these films, Teddy and Doll have committed many murders one after the other and have also frightened people. You definitely cannot watch such films alone.

Horror movies based on teddy bears and dolls

Although many films have been made on horror content, there have been a lot of films scaring people through toys. 10th February is Daddy Bear Day and on this occasion, if your girlfriend likes horror movies, then you can watch horror movies made on teddy and dolls at home on these OTTs.

Cute teddy bear scared people a lot in these 5 movies, watch these goosebumps movies on OTT

toy turned villain

In the year 1995, a Marathi film was released whose Hindi version was a toy-turned-villain. Laxmikant Barde was seen in the lead role in this film. He has a puppet which is possessed by the spirit of a devil. After this, she does all the wrong things but the blame falls on Laxmikant. You can watch this film on Zee5.

dead silence

The film Dead Silence, released in 2007, was a very scary film. It contains a puppet inside which a female spirit is placed to operate it. After this he does all the wrong things. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

Cult of Chucky

In the 2017 film Cult Chucky, a toy becomes the enemy of people’s lives. He controls people at his behest and all kinds of things are done to defeat him, but you should watch the film to know how to achieve success. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.


In the year 2014, the horror and suspense film Annabelle was released. This film had scared everyone. People were scared even after seeing such a doll. Many parts came and all were successful. You can watch all parts of this film on Amazon Prime Video and Jio Cinema.

sinful doll

In the 1996 film Papi Gudiya, a soul appears on a doll. Karisma Kapoor was seen in the lead role in this film and you will definitely like this film. You can watch this film for free on YouTube.

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