The young man reached to meet the girl whose elder brother was to be married before, what happened after that…

Gulshan Kashyap / Jamui. A young man fell in love with the girl whose brother was about to get married earlier. Then he took it to the market. But only then something happened that now the love affair of both of them is on the tongue of the people and this story is being discussed all around. The matter is of Jamui city. Where by catching the lover-girlfriend, the villagers went to the temple and got them married.

The lover has been identified as Anand Kumar, son of Maheshwar Thakur of Bojayat village of Sono police station area of ​​Jamui district and the girlfriend has been identified as Manisha Kumari, resident of Aghara village of Sadar police station area of ​​Jamui district. The love affair was going on between the two for a year.

Love rose slowly..
According to information, Anand’s elder brother Prabhakar Thakur was married to Manisha’s cousin. During this, he met Prabhakar Thakur’s sister-in-law. Both gave their mobile numbers to each other and love slowly blossomed. For almost a year, both talked to each other on the phone and swore to live and die.

hotel meeting
After this, Anand reached Jamui to meet his girlfriend. Where they made a plan to meet in a hotel. According to the plan, both reached, but the villagers and the girl’s family members came to know about this and on reaching the spot, they caught the lover-girlfriend red-handed. Anand is currently studying BA in Dhanbad. He had come to Jamui from Dhanbad 2 days ago only to meet his girlfriend.

First got married in the garden, then vermilion was donated in the temple
Seeing the consent and consent of both the villagers and the family members first got them married in the village garden. Then later reached the Patneshwar temple late in the evening, where both were married according to Hindu customs and rituals. On the occasion, the newly wed couple was sent off after being blessed by both the family members. Anand and Manisha told that both of them got married of their own free will. They love each other since one year. Significantly, the marriage of Anand’s brother Prabhakar was being fixed with Manisha earlier. But due to some reasons he got married to her cousin instead of Manisha, but now again Manisha has gone to that house as daughter-in-law of the same family.


FIRST PUBLISHED : July 20, 2023