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Report-Pankaj Singta
Shimla, The network of stars is detracting from the beauty of Shimla. this wire power and cable Are of. These wires hanging in the Lower Bazaar, which is full of heavy tourist traffic, can become the cause of an accident at any time. Local people are angry with this negligence of the administration. The Municipal Corporation is making plans but has not been able to implement them for 50 years.

Shimla, the queen of hills, is famous all over the world for its beauty and attraction. Every year lakhs of tourists from India and abroad come to visit here. Lower Bazaar situated along the Mall Road of Shimla is one of the main markets of Shimla. This is a big shopping center for tourists. Shimla is beautiful but the tangle of wires hanging in Lower Bazaar is a stain on the beauty of Shimla. This is also inviting accidents.

This is how the net grew
While talking to Local 18, local residents Subhash Verma, Deep Sood, Gulab Thakur and Anil Sharma said that this tangle of wires is a stain on the beauty of Shimla. It also invites accidents. A catastrophic incident like fire can happen at any time due to wires. These are not just electrical wires but also cable wires. This network of wires looks very bad. The situation has been like this for almost 50 years. Earlier there were only electric wires here. Gradually cables and other wires started getting installed on it. The Municipal Corporation never thought about it.

There is a plan but…
When the Municipal Corporation Mayor was talked to about this, he said – All these wires are to be underground soon. For this, ducts are to be made which will run from Chhota Shimla to CTO. We will try to ensure that these ducts go through Lower Bazaar, nothing has been finalized yet. The state government has made a budget sanction of Rs 50 crore. Municipal Corporation Shimla completely agrees that the tangle of wires hanging on the poles should be removed.

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