The person was crossing the road while accompanying a friend, disappeared in 1 second, the car blew up at the speed of the storm

You will find many videos of accidents on the internet. Ever since cameras have started being installed on the roads and inside the cars, since then many videos of accidents have started being recorded. Earlier only eyewitnesses used to become the evidence of these accidents. But then the person who did the accident used to escape due to lack of evidence. But now CCTV cameras have been installed on most of the roads. Because of this, the accident doer is caught quickly.

Due to the installation of CCTV, the videos of accidents have also increased. Many videos of accidents keep getting posted on social media. In every video, someone’s negligence takes someone’s life. Today we are going to show you the video of the accident, you will get goosebumps after seeing it. After watching this video, for once you will feel that it is fake. But this painful accident is being told of China.

missing person
This video going viral started in a very normal way. Two friends were crossing the road talking to each other. Both were seen laughing together. Neither of them thought what was going to happen just a second later. Suddenly one of the two people disappears. No, it didn’t disappear by magic. Actually, a car passed by him at such a high speed that it threw the man in the air.

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