The father hanged the 3-year-old girl upside down, punished her by swinging her in the air from the window! onlookers lost their senses

If children don’t commit mistakes or mischief, what will adults do? We say this many times, but there are some people who, despite being parents, give terrible punishment to the child for a small mistake. Parenting is not considered a difficult task for nothing. It requires a lot of patience and those who do not have patience, they do something similar, as a person did in China.

A video of a crazy father hanging from the window holding his little girl only by her legs is going viral on social media in China. He neither cares about the fact that if the girl slips somewhere, how big an accident can happen, nor is he thinking that what will be the effect of this incident on the mind of the girl. Whoever heard about this incident was stunned.

The father gave a terrible punishment to the girl child
According to the South China Morning Post, this incident is from Liaoning province of China. A video from here is going viral in China, in which a father is holding his little girl by her ankles and keeping her boy below the window. The scared girl is holding the wall of the building with her hand. His age is being told up to 2-3 years. While hanging, the girl is repeatedly seeking help from her own father, but her screams are not having any effect on the father. He is swinging her down from the window and repeatedly instructing her to keep quiet.

Why was such a painful punishment given?
A neighbor living around the building made a video of the incident. The father is heard saying in the video – ‘Why didn’t you pee in the bathroom? You want to do this in your room instead of going to the toilet?’ The girl keeps on crying and cannot even answer this. Then he hangs it halfway. Neighbors also forbade him to do so but he did not listen to anyone. This drama lasted for 3 minutes. People have supported the girl child on social media, whereas her father has been criticized. No one can believe that such a small child can be punished like this just for urinating in the room.

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