The company implemented such a rule, more children started being born to the employees, getting a lot of praise

The birth rate in Japan is continuously falling. The government there is very concerned about this matter. Many types of temptations are being taken. Companies are also giving various incentives to the employees so that the employees produce more children. Despite this, there does not seem to be much improvement. The number of people above the age of 65 in the population there has reached 30 percent and the working population is decreasing. Seeing this, a company implemented a unique rule and soon more children were born to the employees.

There are millions of companies in the world, where work is done day and night. Many employees do duty in the night shift. Sometimes they have to spend the whole night in the office. Many times the wife goes to work in the morning and the husband is on night duty. In such a situation, how can anyone think of having a child. Keeping this in mind, the Japanese company Itochu Corp implemented a unique rule. The company’s CEO Masahiro Okafuji banned night shifts. But when he came to know about its benefits, he himself was stunned.

know what rules apply
When Masahiro became CEO in 2010, the company’s concern was how to increase productivity. Before this, the officers had implemented the night shift. But Masahiro changed that. He implemented the new rule. It was decided that no employee would be seen working in the office after 8 pm. There will be no overtime either. After the work is over, the security guard will roam inside the office to see if anyone has stopped. If someone has stayed, he will be asked to go back home. He said that if someone’s work is left, it can be completed the next day. The one who will finish the work soon will also be given extra pay.

Most of the female workers had children
They were surprised to see the result. In these 10 years, children were born to most of the female employees working in the company. Almost everyone took maternity leave. Not only this, after the birth of the child, she happily reached the office and joined. The company found that since Masahiro became CEO, the fertility rate among employees has doubled. The company is being praised a lot for this rule.

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