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Sutapa Sikdar Irrfan Khan Love Story: She got lost in the eyes of that person, whose acting skills the whole world was crazy about. She loved that person so deeply that the world still feels the fragrance of her love. We are talking about famous actor Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar. Sutapa, born on 18 September 1967, is not famous only by the name of Irfan. He also achieved fame on his own. In the birthday special, we are telling you some stories from the life of Sutapa Sikdar and the moments of her love story with Irrfan.

Irfan was even ready to change his religion for Sutapa.

Crossing the wall of religion is often common in love stories. Often an actress has to face this kind of struggle, but Irfan himself was ready to break this wall of love for Irfan and Sutapa. In fact, after the meeting in NSD, when the magician of eyes worked his magic on Sutapa, not only she became intoxicated, but Irfan himself got so engrossed in the love that he was ready to change his religion for Sutapa. Actually, Irfan belonged to the Muslim community, while Sutapa belonged to the Hindu community. Irfan had clearly said that if needed, I am ready to adopt Hindu religion, but Sutapa’s family did not allow the wall of religion to come in the area of ​​their love. They got married on 23 February 1995.

Sutapa’s birthday was forgotten 28 times out of 32.

You will be surprised to know that Irfan, who was intoxicated with Sutapa’s love, often forgot her birthday. The situation was such that in the 32 years of his life, he had forgotten to wish Sutapa on her birthday 28 times. When Irrfan said goodbye to this world, Sutapa expressed her pain by writing an emotional note. Also said that I forgive you for forgetting every birthday of mine. Sutapa had written that like all my previous birthdays, I will not miss you this time too, because I know that you do not believe in celebrating birthdays.

Sutapa’s career was like this

Talking about Sutapa’s career, she is a well-known scriptwriter. After studying in NSD, he wrote the script of the TV serial ‘Banegi Apni Baat’. You will be surprised to know that Irfan did not like the story of about 11 episodes of this serial, due to which the actor rewrote the script. Apart from this, Sutapa also wrote the script of the film Khamoshi: The Musical, Supari, Kahaani. During the year 2016, Sutapa debuted in the world of cinema as a producer. He made two films named Madaari and Qarib Qarib Single.

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