Seven arrested including private company owner in bribery case, conspiracy was hatched to get the tender

CBI has arrested seven people including the owner of a private company. These people are accused of giving bribe for a tender. This tender was for a school in Odisha, for which there is an allegation of paying a bribe of Rs 19.96 lakh. 

On Sunday, the CBI said it has arrested seven people, including a private company owner, private individuals and the executive secretary of the CMD of Bridge and Roof Company (India) Limited, in bribery of Rs 19.96 lakh in the case of tender for Eklavya Model Residential School in Odisha. Has been detained. 

Who were arrested 

Somesh Chandra of Noida, Veer Thakkar of Mumbai, Rajiv Ranjan, Tarang Agarwal and Ashish Razdan, executive secretary, CMD of Bridge and Roof Company (India) Ltd, said a senior CBI official. A case was registered against Hetal Kumar Praveenchandra Rajyaguru, owner of a Gujarat-based company, along with public servants and other private persons, and Kolkata resident Shashank Kumar Jain. 

Conspiracy to get tender 

CBI investigation has revealed that officials were demanding bribe for the tender from Kolkata resident Shashank Kumar Jain Bridge and Roof Company Limited. Rajguru had assured to send Rs 20 lakh to Jain for public servant in Bridge and Roof Company Limited. 

How did CBI plan to arrest 

The officer said, "A trap was laid and both the private persons were caught after delivering the bribe amount to the said private person in Kolkata through an alleged Hawala channel. An alleged bribe of Rs 19.96 lakh was recovered from his possession." 

Residences also raided 

CBI has also raided the residence of the accused. CBI has conducted searches in Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Nagpur and Rajkot and recovered incriminating documents, digital evidence and cash worth Rs 26.60 lakh. 

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