Scorpions are cultivated here, they grow up by raising them, then they do such work by killing them.

A few days ago the snake garden went viral on social media. It was seen how many snakes were living on the top of the trees. They are reared for their poison. An antidote is made for their poison. But after this video, now the video of scorpion farming has also surfaced. But this garden is not in any open place. Scorpions were seen being cultivated in a closed room.

If a scorpion bites you, then its sting can also lead to your death. The poison of scorpions is fatal. Even if you don’t die, it will be so painful that you will miss your grandmother. Scorpions are such creatures. From whom a person would like to stay away. But what if you see not one or two but more than a thousand scorpions at some place? Yes, such a video is going viral on social media, where so many scorpions have been reared in a room that you will not believe.

do scorpion farming
In this video, a view of scorpion rearing was seen in a room. Yes, many people do the work of raising scorpions. In this, scorpions are kept in a room by making blocks. They are fed food. Medicine is sprinkled on them. Keeping scorpions requires a lot of care. If a little carelessness is done, then this farming can prove to be fatal. Now you must be wondering why scorpions are cultivated? So let us also tell you the reason for this.

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