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Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin: At present, relations between Russia and Ukraine are going on quite tense. There has been a war going on between the two countries for almost 2 years. Thousands of people have lost their lives in this war and it cannot be imagined how many people will die now. American journalist Tucker Carlson has taken a special interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin during the ongoing war between the two countries.

In the conversation with Carlson, Putin expressed all his anger. He says that the war between Russia and Ukraine is happening because of America. Kiev distanced itself from Moscow only at the behest of America.

Putin has alleged that the American intelligence agency CIA brought about changes in Ukrainian politics in 2014. During this period, those who did not accept the new government. There were many atrocities against those people. According to the Russian President, he did not jump into the war just like that. When the people of Donbass and Crimea located in Ukraine requested Russia for help, he came forward.

This meeting between Carlson and Putin lasted for about 2 hours. During this, he also shared the history of Russia and Ukraine and told how Ukraine came into existence.

Putin told what caused the war between Russia and Ukraine

Putin says that in 2008 NATO tried to establish its relations with Ukraine. Meanwhile, a coup was witnessed in 2014. On the orders of NATO, those people in Ukraine who did not accept the new government were targeted.

The people of Crimea were very upset and were feeling unsafe. After which we had to intervene. The Ukrainian army first attacked the people of Donbass in 2014. This is where the current war started.

Putin says that the coup in Ukraine took place because of the CIA. We shared the ongoing problems with Ukraine to America several times, but we did not get any response.

On the contrary, Ukraine started taking military action against us. According to Putin, he also wanted to talk with America regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, but that could not happen. He also exposed the document of the agreement between Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul.

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