Rohit Sharma Mohammed Siraj Crying After World Cup 2023 Final Defeat Against Australia Video

Rohit Sharma Crying: As soon as Glenn Maxwell completed the winning run of the World Cup 2023 final, the entire Australian team ran towards the field. of Ahmedabad Narendra Modi Fireworks also started in the stadium. On one hand, this celebratory atmosphere had just begun, on the other hand, pictures of some faces started appearing which will probably continue to haunt Indian fans for many years. These pictures were of the faces of the Indian players, in which the faces of the frustrated and disappointed Indian players were completely hung up. Some players sat on the field, some started looking at the sky, some hid their faces with their caps. Amidst all this, two pictures caught everyone’s attention. These pictures were of captain Rohit Sharma and fast bowler Mohammad Siraj.

Rohit Sharma turned towards the pavilion as soon as Maxwell completed his runs. His pace was slow and he silently walked towards the dressing room. For some time he moved forward slowly but then his facial expressions started changing rapidly. First his face turned red and then he started crying. He started trying to control his tears but after all, how long could he hold back the tears, they started flowing out. This picture of Rohit crying while leaving the field was captured on cameras.

Fast bowler Mohammad Siraj started crying bitterly on the pitch itself. His tears were showing no signs of stopping. Fellow players consoled him. Jasprit Bumrah was seen asking him not to shed tears.

Let us tell you that in the World Cup 2023, India had made it to the finals by winning all the 10 matches in a one-sided fashion. But at the last stage he got a one-sided defeat. Batting first, India scored 240 runs, in reply Australia easily achieved the target by losing 4 wickets.

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