Rakhi Sawant Shared Screenshots Of Adil Khan Now Made This Allegation On Her Husband

Rakhi Sawant on Adil Khan: The relationship between Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani has become quite famous now. Rakhi made headlines when she announced her separation from her alleged ex-husband Ritesh Singh and married businessman Adil. She married Adil according to Islamic customs and converted to Islam.

Rakhi Sawant shared screenshots of Adil Khan

Amidst the ongoing controversy regarding Rakhi and Adil for the past several days, the actress has now shared screenshots of the conversation she had with her estranged husband. Rakhi Sawant shared screenshots where Adil Khan Durrani asks her to get work. Rakhi has claimed that Adil wanted to use her for professional gains.

Rakhi Sawant has repeatedly said that Adil Khan had no romantic feelings for her and he only wanted to use her to enter the world of Bollywood. Now Rakhi shared a screenshot of her chat with Adil, in which he is seen asking Rakhi to get him work in the industry. Durrani’s desire to go to the reality show Bigg Boss has also come to light in the chat.

Now the actress has made this allegation against her estranged husband

Both Rakhi and Adil have held several press conferences in the last few months to express their views. They have made many serious allegations against each other. While Adil claimed that Rakhi Sawant drugged him and recorded a confession video, Rakhi said that Adil has a record of multiple marriages in the past.

While Rakhi accused Adil of recording her nude videos and selling them for a huge amount, Adil alleged that Rakhi was a fraud and owed him money. Amidst the controversy, Rakhi revealed that she is not married to Ritesh Singh. She claimed that she was married to Adil only.

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