Political content will no longer be visible on Instagram and Threads

Instagram Update: Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced a significant policy change regarding the visibility of political content on its platform Instagram and Threads. In a statement made by Instagram head Adam Mosseri via a Threads post on Friday, it was revealed that the company will no longer actively promote political content for users by default.

Political content will not be visible on Instagram and threads

Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta has decided to remove political content from its photo sharing platform Instagram and threads. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri informed through an official post on threads on Friday that the company will no longer promote political content on these platforms.

However, Mosseri clarified that users may still see political posts from accounts they follow, but the apps will stop “actively amplifying” such content. He told that these adjustments in the app will be effective in the next few weeks.

Meta introduced control feature

Apart from this, the Chief of Instagram further said that in the coming few weeks, we will use other methods to remove political content from Instagram Reels Explore or threads.

However, for users who want to watch political content on these platforms, Meta has introduced a new control feature. Users can select political content by using the navigate feature in the Suggested Content tab, after which they will also be able to see political content in their profile. Apart from this, users can also choose the option of Don’t Limit and Limit.

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