PM Narendra Modi Birthday Celebration In Pakistan Person Cut Cake On Occasion Of Indian Pm Modi Birthday | Pakistani On PM Modi Birthday: This Pakistani man cut the cake on PM Modi’s birthday, said

Pakistani On PM Modi Birthday: Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi His birthday was yesterday i.e. on 17th September. On this occasion, not only the people of the country celebrated but people in the neighboring country Pakistan also celebrated PM Modi’s birthday by cutting a cake. Abid Ali, who is considered to be the biggest fan of PM Modi in Pakistan, cut the cake along with his friends and Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary while celebrating PM Modi’s birthday. On Modi’s birthday, Abid Ali said that I had specially ordered a cake, which I have cut. Apart from this he said that I respect Modi ji from my heart.

On the same occasion, Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary asked Abid Ali that before this Pakistani leaders like Shahbaz Sharif and Imran Khan Birthday had also passed. Why didn’t you cut the cake on that occasion? On this, Abid Ali said that praise and celebration are given to those people who have done good work. Apart from this he said that I thought Modi ji has become old. After this will Yogi ji come or someone else will come. However, I think Modi can become Prime Minister for two more times.

‘Modi is much younger’
The Pakistani man said about PM Modi that the rest of the leaders of the world are much older. For example, American President Joe Biden, who is 80 years old. Modi is much younger than such leaders.

In this sense, he will remain active in politics in future also and can remain PM twice. Let us tell you that yesterday was PM Modi’s 73rd birthday. He was born in the year 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat. Today Modi is considered the most popular leader in the world.

Italian Prime Minister congratulated
Let us tell you that on the birthday of Modi ji, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni congratulated her on her official website (formerly Twitter). He wrote, Happy Birthday Modi Di. Italy is proud of its history as a great nation of friends, committed to building the future.

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