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Budget Session: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Said in his speech during the budget session on Monday that our third term will decide the direction of the country for the coming 1000 years. Speaking on the motion of thanks on the President’s address, PM Modi gave another guarantee and said that in his third term, India will become the third largest economy in the world. He said that words like startup, digital creators, unicorn and gig economy are emerging in the new India. The government kept inflation under control even during the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that the infrastructure budget has increased to Rs 44 lakh crore in a decade.

Amrit Kaal is going on for women

During the budget session, PM Modi said in the Lok Sabha that for the first time a separate ministry has been created for fishermen. The government has recovered assets worth Rs 1 lakh crore. He also discussed Amrit Kaal for women. He said that earlier women were told that now the time for marriage has come. But now she is said to be running her business and her life brilliantly. Now there is no such sector left where the daughters of the country are not working vigorously. From space to Olympics, daughters are performing amazingly everywhere. Continuous work is being done on the economic independence of women.

Government is promoting crores of people associated with Khadi industry

PM Modi said that the government has worked for the welfare of crores of people associated with the Khadi industry. Also, 25 crore people are being given the benefit of Ayushman Bharat Scheme. Every part of the country has joined the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra. The Prime Minister said that we have given 4 crore houses to the rural poor.

Announcement of interim budget of Jammu and Kashmir

Earlier, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced an interim budget of Rs 1.18 lakh crore for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for the financial year 2024-25. He said that the fiscal deficit of the state has been estimated at Rs 20760 crore and the state’s GDP (GSDP) has been estimated at 7.5 percent.

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