Pakistan US Former Ambassador Husain Haqqani Scolded Pakistani Govt For Being Involved In Jihad With The Neighboring Country

Pakistan Husain Haqqani On Jihad: Former Pakistani Ambassador to America Hussain Haqqani has now stressed on the importance of pragmatism in the changing world and has asked Pakistan to improve its thinking in global affairs. Recently, Hussain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to America, in an article in Pakistan-based The News, criticized Pakistan for engaging in jihad against neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan.

Hussain Haqqani said, Pakistan’s ability to understand the profound changes taking place globally has diminished since the end of the Cold War with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Pakistan remained embroiled in internal union conflicts for the last three decades. He wrote in his article that other countries of the world were also busy in power struggle, but he has also improved his relations with those countries which once had enmity. Whereas Pakistani leaders failed to do so.

Friendship between Pakistan and America
According to Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan was an ally of America from 1950 to 1980. Pakistan should have benefited from this. At that time America was dominant in the whole world. However, despite this, Pakistan did not take advantage of this and spread only negative things against India. He made the foolish choice of adding anti-Americanism. At the same time, China, which is now called Pakistan’s evergreen friend, adopted the strategy of economic expansion, ignoring all the old conflicts.

China received investment from the West and became its major trading partner. Although China condemned America as hegemonic and imperialist for the first four decades after 1949, the Chinese moderated their rhetoric after 1990. The benefit of this was that in the year 2022, US-China trade business reached 690 billion dollars.

Example of India and China
China fought a border war with India in 1962 and after that both the countries never trusted each other. Despite disagreements over their shared border, mutual distrust did not stop them from doing business. Bilateral trade between India and China reached $136 billion last year. America, India and China worked to advance economic development by following the path of common policy formula. In this way he kept political and security issues separate from economic issues.

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