Pakistan Public On Modi Saying US Citizen Demand For Leader Like Narendra Modi In Viral Youtube Video | Pakistan On PM Modi: Demand of American people after Pakistanis

Pakistan on PM Modi: Today, India’s development is being praised all over the world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is discussed not only in the country but all over the world. Recently, Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary quoted the American Congress leader and informed that the people of America Narendra Modi Like a leader is needed.

Pakistani YouTuber reached out to the public to get feedback on the words of the American Congress leader. Pakistani YouTuber questioned the public on what the American Congress leader said about Modi. On this the Pakistani person said yes what they (America) are saying is right. PM Modi is the leader of a very big country.

‘Pakistan has no status’
Regarding India, the Pakistani person said that Pakistan has no standing in front of India. At this time America is with India because India is an emerging power. His country has progressed a lot. India’s population is their biggest strength. If even one pencil is sold in India, 135 crore people buy it.


‘India has been on the path of progress since independence’
The Pakistani man said that India has been on the path of progress since independence. At this time India has also reached the moon. India has reached the same part of the moon where Russia, America and China have not been able to reach. At this time every country in the world wants to help India and make friendship.

Modi world most popular leader
Let us tell you that in the recent Global Leader Approval Survey of Morning Consult, PM Modi has emerged as the most popular leader in the world. This survey has received 76 percent rating. Because of this he has reached the top. Switzerland’s President Alain Berset is at second place in the list. At number 7 is US President Joe Biden.

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