Pakistan Officials Can No Longer Use Sahib As Title As Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa Bans It

Pakistan News: Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Fayaz Isa has banned adding the word ‘Saheb’ to the names of posts of public servants. He said that this unnecessarily enhances their status and makes them feel unaccountable to the people.

In a two-page order, Chief Justice Isa said it was not appropriate to add the word Saheb to one’s post title as it could create an illusion of grandeur and a perception of irresponsibility which was unacceptable, the Express Tribune newspaper reported. He said that this is against the interests of the people whom he has to serve.

Additional Advocate General addressed the Deputy Superintendent of Police as DSP Saheb.
Chief Justice Isa’s order came when he was hearing a bail plea in the murder case of a child in Peshawar last year. He said in the order that the Additional Advocate General of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province had addressed a local Deputy Superintendent of Police as ‘DSP Sahib’.

According to Pakistan Today report, Chief Justice Isa reprimanded the Additional Advocate General, saying, “You have spoiled everything by calling him Saheb. He is a DSP or an incompetent DSP, and he is not a Saheb.” .”

lack of investigation
Justice Isa said that the challan in the case was based only on two statements and there was also lack of proper investigation. Let us tell you that in this case, the suspect was granted bail by the Supreme Court and it was said that the police did not conduct any investigation to determine the people responsible for the death of the child.

Another report on this matter by Pakistan’s Sama TV said that this case is a shining example of poor investigation.

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