Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan Wife Bushra Bibi Latest News Bushra Bibi Ex Husband Reveal About Their Affair

Pakistan Latest News: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party Imran Khan is in jail, but the controversies related to him are not decreasing. New controversies related to politics and his personal life are coming to the fore every day. Now Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi, has made serious allegations against Imran Khan.

Khawar Maneka said in a program of Geo News that Imran Khan has ruined her married life. I was with my wife for 28 years. We were living our lives laughing, but Imran ruined everything. Khawar claimed that Bushra Bibi had married Imran Khan just one and a half months after taking divorce from him in 2017, but she had not told anyone about it. When the stories of their marriage started making headlines in the media, both of them got married in front of everyone in January 2018.

Imran Khan used to come home without permission

Maneka told that Imran Khan used to come to her house whenever he wanted, he did not ask even once before coming home. Both of them met for the first time by Bushra Bibi’s sister Maryam Wato during the PTI protests in Islamabad.

Mother had alerted about Imran

Maneka said that her mother would often alert her not to let Imran Khan come into the house, he is a bad man. Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi started seeing each other after their first meeting. Both of them used to talk to each other all night long.

Imran’s close friend asked for divorce

Maneka told in her interview that one day Imran Khan Farah Gogi, close to him, came to him and asked him to divorce Bushra Bibi. He was surprised to hear this. He immediately went to Bushra Bibi and asked if she wanted a divorce? Hearing the question he bowed his head and did not answer. I understood everything from his silence and divorced him in 2017.

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