Pakistan Elections Result 2024 Imran Khan supporters wins 101 seats but remain in opposition Know How Nawaz Sharif Form Government

Pakistan Election Result 2024: The results of the 12th general elections have come in Pakistan. Independent candidates supporting Imran Khan have got maximum 101 seats. Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has won 75 seats. However, candidates supported by Imran Khan contested the elections as independent candidates.

In such a situation, Nawaz Sharif’s party has become the largest party despite winning 75 seats and he will also get the first chance to form the government. Imran supporters can remain in opposition even after winning more than 100 seats.

Election results came after 60 hours

Voting was held for 265 seats in Pakistan on February 8. It took more than two days for the results to come. Almost 60 hours after the end of voting, the results of 264 seats have been released and the result of one seat has been withheld. There have also been allegations of rigging in vote counting due to delay in the results.

Many leaders who lost the elections have filed petitions in the court regarding this matter. Pakistan Election Commission and government ministers say that the results were delayed due to logistical reasons. The acting Information Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had said that due to severe cold, counting of votes took more time.

Imran supporters’ century may go in vain

A total of 266 representatives are selected in Pakistan elections through voting. The general public selects them by voting. At the same time, the selection of representatives in 70 reserved seats is decided on the basis of the strength of the parties in the House. In this election, voting has been postponed due to the death of a candidate on one seat. No party has got a clear majority.

In such a situation, the party with the highest vote share can form the government. The number of candidates supporting Imran Khan may be more, but he is not part of any party. In such a situation, Nawaz Sharif’s party can form a coalition government with other MPs.

How can Nawaz Sharif form a government?

Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League has 73 seats and Bilawal Bhutto’s PPP has 54 seats. Even after the alliance of these two parties, there are still 6 seats less than the majority figure. However, all the candidates supporting Imran had contested the elections as independents.

In such a situation, Nawaz can form the government by getting their support. Ultimately, to become Prime Minister, Nawaz will have to get the support of 169 MPs out of 336 MPs present in the House. For this, he will need the votes of some independent MPs, because even if he gets majority of the 70 reserved seats, he will remain away from the figure of 169 MPs.

missing the bat

Jailed Imran Khan was declared ineligible to participate in these elections. The Supreme Court also banned the use of the cricket bat as the election symbol of his party PTI. For this reason, PTI candidates contested the elections as independent candidates. If the candidate of Imran Khan’s party had contested the elections with the cricket bat election symbol, PTI would have been the largest party. In this situation, only Imran Khan’s party would have got the first chance to form the government and PTI along with 32 other MPs could have formed a coalition government.

The second disadvantage of not having an election symbol is that Imran’s party will not get any of the 70 reserved seats in the Parliament. At the same time, being the largest party, Nawaz Sharif’s party can get 20 seats.

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