Pakistan Election 2024 Zaid Hamid Arzoo Kazmi India Laal Topi | This person’s statement goes viral amid elections in Pakistan

Pakistan Latest News: Voting for general elections is going on in Pakistan. Even in the midst of elections, India’s dominance is visible there. Actually, female journalist Arzoo Kazmi has shared a 6-year-old video of Pakistan’s far-right political commentator Zaid Hamid (red cap). In this video he is claiming that Pakistan will become a superpower in the next 5 years. Not only this, he can also be heard saying that in future all the important decisions of the world will be taken in Pakistan. He can be heard claiming that we will be on the moon in the next 5 years.

Arzoo has targeted this statement of Zaid. He says that 5 years have passed since Zaid. Pakistan should have become a super power by now. According to him, we should have reached the moon also, but we could not reach the moon. Our neighboring country India has definitely reached there.

Arzoo further made fun of Zaid and said that Pakistan is facing recession. Pakistan International Airlines is close to going into private hands. The condition of Pakistan International Airlines is very bad.

Inflation is at its peak in the country. The situation here has become known to the world. In such a situation, where was the promise of Zaid who was seeing Pakistan becoming a superpower.

Not only this, Arzoo has also made fun of Zaid’s statement. In which he had said that Ghazwa-e-Hind will happen soon. We will defeat India and merge it with Pakistan. We will hoist our flag in the capital of India and one day we will forgive them. Arzoo said that we talk about capturing them and are not able to compete with TTP here.

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