Pakistan Election 2024 voting and counting same day from ballot paper know process

Pakistan Election 2024 Update: Voting for general elections is going to be held in Pakistan on Thursday (8 February). All preparations regarding this have been completed. In Pakistan, results are declared late at night on the election day itself. In Pakistan, counting of votes starts immediately after the ballot paper is cast. Here 26 crore ballot papers have been printed for the general elections, whose total weight is about 2100 tonnes. Today we will tell you how even after elections are conducted only through ballot paper, counting of votes is done on the same day.

According to the rules of Pakistan Election Commission, counting of votes starts immediately after the end of voting. Polling officials start counting ballot papers in the evening. After the counting of votes is over, the polling officer informs the returning officer and then the result is released.

Counting of votes takes place till 2 o’clock in the night

According to the Pakistani Election Act of 2017, the results have to be released by 2 pm on the same day on which voting takes place. If for some reason the polling officers delay in counting, then this information is given to the Election Commission there. After this the result is released by 10 am the next day.

About 6 lakh 50 thousand security personnel have been deployed for the general elections in Pakistan. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), a total of 12 crore 85 lakh 85 thousand 760 registered voters will vote. There are 12,695 candidates in the fray for the four provincial assemblies of Pakistan, which include 12,123 men, 570 women and two transgenders.

where how many voters

According to the data of Election Commission of Pakistan, Punjab province has the maximum number of registered voters at 7 crore 32 lakh 07 thousand 896. After this, there are 2 crore 69 lakh 94 thousand 769 voters in Sindh province, 2 crore 19 lakh 28 thousand 119 voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 53 lakh 71 thousand 947 voters in Balochistan and 10 lakh 83 thousand 029 voters in the capital Islamabad.

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