Pakistan Election 2024 Pakistan Army Intervention Nawaz Sharif Imran Khan

Pakistan Election: Elections are going on in Pakistan, but everyone knows the results. This is being said because the political history of Pakistan is like this. No matter which party wins, the winning candidate is always a trusted person of the Pakistani Army. The Pakistani Army makes the person it wants the Prime Minister by making him win the elections. This time Pakistani Army Chief General Asim Munir has placed his bet on Nawaz Sharif.

There is talk in political circles that Nawaz Sharif’s ‘Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’ (PML-N) can become the largest party in the elections. Along with this, this time the army has expressed confidence in Nawaz Sharif. Last time the army got Imran ‘selected’, but he rebelled in the middle of his tenure. The result was that he had to lose the post of PM. Imran himself had accused the army of ousting him from power.

Long history of interference in politics

In fact, since coming into existence in 1947, Pakistan Army has imposed martial law in the country thrice. Pakistan has been ruled by the army for more than three of the seven decades. Not only this, but for the remaining four decades, even though the government was elected by the people, it came to power. But behind the scenes, the Pakistani Army has been using the Prime Minister as a pawn. It has been putting forward those candidates who have been loyal to the army.

In 1958, Pakistan saw its first military coup when General Ayub Khan usurped President Iskander Mirza. Even though officially, martial law lasted for 44 months. But Ayub Khan left his post in 1969 only after appointing General Yahya Khan as his successor. After this, Yahya Khan remained on this post till 1971. Yahya Khan resigned after India lost the 1971 war. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was given the post of President.

In July 1977, General Zia ul Haq imposed martial law in Pakistan, which continued till 1988. Meanwhile, elections were held in 1985 and even though Mohammad Khan Junejo became the Prime Minister, Zia continued to run the government from behind the scenes as the President. After this, in 1999, General Pervez Musharraf ousted Nawaz Sharif from power in a coup and continued to rule Pakistan till 2008. This is the reason why once again there is talk of the army returning to power.

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