Over 8,700 Relocated As Rains Cause Flood-Like Situation In Madhya Pradesh — Latest Updates

Officials reported on Sunday that over 8,700 people have been relocated to safer areas after torrential rains generated a flood-like condition in various portions of Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa and Nimar districts, news agency PTI reported. Heavy rains have fallen in the districts of Khargone, Barwani, Dhar, Khandwa, Burhanpur, Alirajpur, and Indore over the previous two days. On Sunday, the severity of the deluge decreased. An official in Jhabua district stated that eight people were washed away after the embankment of a pond collapsed on Saturday night amid heavy rains in Bahadur Pada village, adding that two dead were discovered on Sunday morning and that a search for three women and as many children. is ongoing.

An Indian Air Force (IAF) chopper rescued a pregnant lady and two other members of her family from the rooftop of their house in Ujjain district on Sunday, according to an official.

"8,718 people and 2,637 cattle have been shifted to safety in Malwa and Nimar regions. 610 jawans and 801 home guards were involved in rescue operations. The SDERF (State Disaster Emergency Response Force) launched 89 rescue operations," a release was quoted by PTI in its report.

The districts of Indore, Khandwa, Khargone, Badwani, and Burhanpur have been most impacted by rainfall in the recent two days.

On Sunday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan warned the Army and Air Force would be called in if flood relief operations in the state were needed.

He convened a virtual conference with authorities and issued orders on how to handle the situation. .

Chouhan stated that he assessed the situation in Khargone, Barwani, Dhar, Khandwa, Burhanpur, Alirajpur, and Indore as a result of the severe rains and met with authorities from these districts.

< p>The situation is under control, but residents are on high alert, and SDERF and NDRF personnel are working in these regions, while the flow of water bodies and rain has decreased, he added.

"The water has started receding in the affected areas. Our efforts are to keep the people safe. If required, the Army and Air Force would also be called in," Chouhan was quoted by PTI in its report.

Officials report that 2,017 people have been housed in 45 relief shelters in Khargone district, while 227 have been rescued from various villages in Indore district.

The relief operation in Indore district is being carried out by eight SDERF teams.

According to authorities, water-logging in 72 low-lying communities forced the relocation of 1,993 people in Dhar district.

The Narmada river’s water level is falling in Narmadapuram, while in Burhanpur district, 20 households were relocated to safer areas when the Tapti river’s water level climbed.

According to authorities, 500 people in Khandwa have been. relocated to safer regions due to the increasing level of the Narmada river.

In Burhanpur and Khargone, the Tapti and Narmada rivers were both running over the danger level.

Dam gates were opened. to discharge water from dams such as Bargi (Jabalpur), Indira Sagar (Khandwa), Omkareshwar, Tawa (Narmadapuram), Bansujara (Tikamgarh), Rajghat (Ashok Nagar), Sanjay Sarovar (Seoni), and Parasdoh (Betul), according to officials.

According to authorities, a total of 2,482 dwellings have been partially damaged, with 78 buildings suffering serious damage.

Officials from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predict medium to heavy. rainfall in the districts of Ratlam, Mandsaur, and Neemuch on Monday.

According to the Met department, rain will begin to fall in the districts of Indore and Ujjain on Monday.

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