OpenAI Unveils SantaGPT For Christmas Related Gifting Ideas Here Is How And Who Can Access It

There are still more than 20 days left for the Christmas festival, but Open AI, the company which created a sensation by launching Chat GPT, has already started preparations for Christmas. Actually, the company has launched a chatbot named SantaGPT. The company has shared this information through X Post. This chatbot will share gift related ideas with people. SantaGPT is a GPT-4 based chatbot which can be accessed only by premium users. That means it is not available for free users.

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With this chatbot you can get gifting ideas according to the person. For example, if a woman does household chores, then this chatbot will tell you what is the best gift for her. Similarly, this chatbot will help you in getting gifts for working women, children etc. Premium users can access this chatbot through mobile and web. Recently the company has made the voice chat feature live for Android and iOS users. With its help, users can learn gifting ideas by speaking.

GPT Store launch postponed

OpenAI also recently confirmed that it is postponing the launch of the GPT store to early 2024, which was initially scheduled to go live by the end of November. According to a Reuters report, the company is improving the service based on customer feedback. Let us tell you, through GPT Store people will be able to use chatbot related to their work. These chatbots will be based on GPT and as the popularity and usage of these chatbots increases, the company will also share money with the creators.

To explain you with an example, Chat GPT users will be able to create their own chatbot and then list it on the GPT store. Chatbot can be of any type like mathematics related, marketing help, creative mail, letter maker etc.

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