News18 India Chaupal: Himachal CM Sukhu’s big statement, tourists will reach Shimla from Chandigarh in 18 minutes…

News18 India Chaupal: In the Chaupal program of News 18 India, Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu presented the roadmap for the development of the state. News 18’s Chaupal program Sukhu has said that you will see many changes in Himachal Pradesh in the coming days. Helipads are being built in every district of the state. Tourists will now reach Shimla from Chandigarh by air in just 18 minutes. Sukhu has said that when I became the CM of Himachal Pradesh, the economic condition of the state was not good. Only after two months the budget came and I started making changes in the system.

Sukhu said that Himachal Pradesh is going to move ahead in every sector in the coming days. I have resolved to make Himachal Pradesh a green state by 31st March 2025. In the coming days, special subsidy is being given for electrical vehicles and hydrogen vehicles in Himachal Pradesh. I hope that in the coming days a lot of work will be done in this regard in the state.

Himachal Pradesh moving towards development- Sukhu
Sukhu has said that our government’s plan is to change people’s thinking. Sukhu has said that we had announced to implement 10 guarantees. I have implemented OPS in it. Currently about 800 people are getting this facility. Earlier these people used to get Rs 2700, now they are getting Rs 27 thousand. It is my job to honor those who worked to build Himachal Pradesh.

After becoming CM, I am fighting challenges- Sukhu
Himachal Pradesh: On July 7 last year, a terrible tragedy occurred in Himachal. Kullu was cut off from the entire country. I want to thank that we evacuated 75 thousand people stranded in Kullu districts. 15 thousand vehicles were taken out. The hotel owners let the guest leave without any money. Two of my ministers went in a JCB and saved the tourists.

On the question of Ram temple, it has been said that who does not visit Ram templeā€¦Ram is adorable. Ram issue should not be made. The central government had given half a day’s leave, I gave the whole day’s leave. The country will have to think that Ram’s issue should be made…it should be decided by the public…the issue should be made according to the circumstances.

On the question of resentment in Himachal government, Sukhu said that there is no resentment in Himachal Pradesh government. Which the high command decides. Everyone believes. Also, whoever has the majority remains in power. We are strengthening every sector starting from infrastructure. Lands slide in the mountains. Connecting all the helipads. You will reach Shimla from Chandigarh in 18 minutes. All the districts will now be connected to Shimla. Mango, orange, apple all will be available in Himachal Pradesh. We are the lungs of North India.

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We are developing 500 lakes in Himachal Pradesh. Big hotel industries have started coming up in Himachal Pradesh. In the coming time, there will be more tourism in Himachal Pradesh than in Goa. Himachal is going to have its day as a tourist destination.

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