Neeraj Chopra Finishes Second Palce In Diamond League Final Vadlejch Wins Gold Latest Sports News

Neeraj Chopra In Diamond League Final: Indian legend Neeraj Chopra finished second in the final of Diamond League 2023. In this way the Indian veteran got the silver medal. While Jakub Vadlech of Czech Republic won the gold medal. Neeraj Chopra made a throw of 83.80 meters in his second attempt. This was Neeraj Chopra’s best score in the final, but the Indian athlete could not go beyond 83.80 metres. Jakub Vadlech of Czech Republic threw the javelin 84.27 meters in his last attempt. In this way Jakub Wadlech was successful in winning the gold medal.

Neeraj Chopra looked out of form in the final…

Finland’s Oliver Helander threw the javelin 83.74 meters. In this way Oliver Helander remained at third position. Actually, Neeraj Chopra was not seen in form in the Diamond League final. Neeraj Chopra’s score in 2 attempts remained blank. After this, Neeraj Chopra achieved a distance of 83.80 meters in the remaining 4 attempts. However, the subsequent throw was quite ordinary. Jakub Vadlech of Czech Republic took the lead over Neeraj Chopra by achieving a distance of 84.1 meters in his first attempt.

Jakub Vadlech of Czech Republic won the title

After this, Jakub Wadlech achieved the first position by achieving a distance of 84.27 meters in the sixth attempt. In this way, Indian veteran Neeraj Chopra could not defend his title. If Neeraj Chopra had been successful in defending the title, he would have been the third javelin thrower in the world, but it could not happen. In fact, in the month of September last year, Neeraj Chopra won the final of the Diamond League in Zurich, but this time he failed to repeat the feat.

Which athlete threw the javelin how far in the final?

1. Jakub Vadlech (Czech Republic) – 84.24 meters

2. Neeraj Chopra (India) – 83.80 meters

3.Oliver Helander (Finland) – 83.74 meters

4.Andrian Mardare (Moldova)- 81.79 meters

5.Curtis Thompson (USA)- 77.01 m

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