Mysterious fish, holes on the body and big eyes, the divers got scared

There are many such things on earth, about which science has not yet been able to find out. Whenever it comes in front of the world, it surprises everyone. There are many mysterious creatures living inside the sea, which have never been heard of or seen. The video of one such fish is becoming very viral these days. You will be surprised to know that this fish with big eyes has a big hole on its body, which is not usually seen in fishes. The divers got scared on seeing it. Let’s know about this rare sea creature…

Its video is becoming very viral on many social media platforms including Twitter. According to media reports, this rare marine fish was seen near Taiwan. Very shiny and huge to see, the length of this fish is said to be about 32 feet. You think it can swallow many humans at once. In the video you can see how the divers get very close to the fish. Even after that its length is so much that divers look very small. The whole group starts circling around the fish to see it closely. When a diver touches a fish, its body starts moving.

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