Mohammed Shami Lashes Out At The Former Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Raza | Mohammed Shami got angry at former Pakistani cricketer and said

Team India’s star fast bowler Mohammed Shami is furious at former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza. Mohammed Shami has termed Hasan Raza’s allegations as nonsense. Hasan Raza had alleged during the World Cup that Indian bowlers were being provided different balls. Shami has said that former Pakistani cricketers keep making fun of themselves by giving such nonsense statements. Shami believes that Pakistani cricketers also face problems because their team or players are not able to perform like this.

Shami said, “Former players of Pakistan are making cricket a joke. These are such people who are unable to digest the success of others. When you are praised, you are happy, but when you lose, you start claiming that the other person has cheated you. You should see what our record has been after becoming a part of the team.

Shami told the real thing

Mohammed Shami further said, “When you do not find yourself at par with the other team, your jealousy becomes clearly visible. But they do not understand that jealousy does not change the outcome of the match. Your team cannot deliver better results just because you are jealous of others.

Last year, during the World Cup held in India, the controversy of changing the ball on behalf of former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza had given rise. Hasan Raza alleged that the Indian players were being given different balls and hence they were getting help in swinging. Not only India but former cricketers from all over the world termed these allegations made by Pakistan as nonsense.