Mir Sultan Khan become first Grandmaster of Pakistan in 2024 after 58 years of his death

Mir Sultan Khan: Veteran chess player Mir Sultan Khan has become the first Grandmaster of Pakistan. The surprising thing is that he has been awarded this title 58 years after his death. Mir Sultan was considered the greatest chess player of Asia. According to FIDE, he may have played for India before the India-Pakistan partition. But now in 2024, Pakistan gave him the title of its first Grandmaster.

Let us tell you that Mir Sultan was born in 1903 in Sargodha, which is now in North-East Pakistan. Mir Sultan won the British Chess Championship in 1929, 1931 and 1932. Mir defeated famous players like Frank Marshall and Savile Tartakower as well as former world champion Jose Raul Capablanca.

Died 58 years ago

Mir Sultan Khan, who will become the first Grandmaster of Pakistan in 2024, has said goodbye to the world 58 years ago. He died of TB in 1966.

Mir Sultan learned the nuances of chess from his father. His father taught him the traditional Indian rules, which were somewhat different from the modern game. Mir Sultan was the servant of Major General Nawab Sir Omar Hayat Khan, who was one of the biggest landowners in Punjab at that time. The Nawab recognized the talent of Mir Sultan and promoted him.

The profile of Mir Sultan published in Pakistan’s ‘Dawn newspaper’ states, “He used to do small jobs in the mansion of Sir Omar Khan.”

FIDE issued a press release saying, “A Punjabi chess player and a citizen of Pakistan, he was considered the best chess player in Asia during his time. In an international chess career of less than five years, he won the British Championship three times. Mir Sultan Khan, who defeated some of the world’s top players despite growing up with little access to chess books and knowing nothing about chess theory, became Pakistan’s first grandmaster.”

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