Military School Admission 2024: What will be asked in the military school interview? Prepare like this, you will definitely get admission.

New Delhi (Military School Admission 2024), It is not easy to get admission in Rashtriya Military School. For this, an interview is also conducted after the common entrance test. Only students who are successful in both the stages get admission in Rashtriya Military School. Rashtriya Military School Common Entrance Test Result 2024 can be checked at

There are a total of 5 National Military Schools in different states of India. National Military Schools are located at Chail in Himachal Pradesh, Ajmer and Dholpur in Rajasthan and Belgaum and Bengaluru in Karnataka. Candidates who are successful in Class 6th and 9th Common Entrance Test should start preparing for Rashtriya Military School Interview 2024. (Rashtriya Military School Interview 2024),

Military School Admission 2024: Interview is not easy
Interview is considered a very important stage for admission in Rashtriya Military School. The panel of experts selects the best candidates through a tough interview (Rashtriya Military School CET Result 2024). Candidates are selected on the basis of their personality traits, leadership quality, communication skills and desire to join the Indian Defense Force.

Military School Admission 2024: How is the National Military School Interview?
Rashtriya Military School interview lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. Many types of questions are asked to the candidates appearing in it. These are based on their background, educational qualifications, hobbies, interests and expectations about the future. Along with this, questions focused on current affairs, general knowledge and their awareness regarding Defense Force are also asked.

RMS Interview 2024: Etiquette required for Rashtriya Military School Interview
Students preparing for interview in Rashtriya Military School are also given marks on the basis of their behaviour. During this time, wear formal clothes and your shoes should be polished. Therefore, keep these etiquettes in mind at the interview centre-

1- Before entering the interview hall, ask for permission to enter.

2- After entering inside the interview hall, close the door slowly.

3- Greet the interviewer by saying ‘Good morning, sir/madam’.

4- Sit on the chair only when the people present in the panel ask you to sit. Lean your back against the chair and keep your hands in your lap. Don’t cross your legs.

5- Do not touch the table or move your chair during the interview.

6- Say something only when asked to speak.

7- If someone present in the interview panel wants to shake hands, then do the handshake very politely.

8- Wait for the interviewer to sit before sitting in your seat (if they have stood up for a handshake).

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