Microsoft ceo satya nadela completed 10 years of his term shareholder wealth rises 11 fold

Microsoft CEO: Satya Nadella, CEO of the world’s leading IT company Microsoft, had reached this position 10 years ago. A huge responsibility was placed on his shoulders. He was going to replace stalwarts like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. After becoming the CEO of Microsoft on February 4, 2014, he has put the company and investors in a very strong position in these 10 years. During his tenure, Satya Nadella increased the company’s shares by more than 1000 percent and took Microsoft’s market value beyond a whopping amount of $3 trillion. During this period, investors also got huge benefits and their money also increased more than 11 times.

Made a giant in cloud computing and AI sector

After taking charge, Indian-origin Satya Nadella transformed Microsoft from a software company to a giant in the cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. At present, the market value of Microsoft is more than that of a big company like Apple. According to a report by the Associated Press, Nadella successfully put the company on a path of major change. To compete with him, a legend like Apple’s Steve Jobs will have to come again.

Created $2.8 trillion wealth for shareholders

In the last decade, under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has created wealth of approximately $ 2.8 trillion for shareholders. If you had invested 10 thousand dollars in the company’s stock at that time, today this amount would have crossed the figure of 1.13 lakh dollars. He had said 10 years ago that our industry respects new ideas and not traditions. He has proved his point to be true today also.

How long will Satya Nadella hold the post of CEO?

Satya Nadella is now 56 years old. Last year he received a salary of 48.5 million dollars. Looking at his tenure so far, there does not seem to be any possibility of him leaving this post. His image in the market has been created as a strong CEO. For now, he is happy to see his position and the company moving forward. People want Satya Nadella to hold this post for some more years to come.

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