Market Outlook: Market fell again after improvement in budget week, these factors are going to influence this week

Last week was not good for the domestic stock market. The market had made a comeback in the budget week after two consecutive weeks of decline, but after that the decline has again dominated the market. During the week ending February 9, both BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty recorded a decline of up to 0.67 percent.

This much decline occurred during the week

On Friday, the last day of the week. BSE Sensex closed at 71,595.49 points with a slight rise of 167.06 points (0.23 percent). There was a slight rise of 64.55 points (0.30 percent) in Nifty and it closed at the level of 21,782.50 points. During the entire week, the Sensex fell by 490.14 points or 0.67 percent, while the Nifty 50 index closed down by 71.3 points or 0.32 percent.

Disappointment over interest rates not being reduced

Previous The most important factor influencing the market during the week was the MPC meeting of the Reserve Bank. The last meeting of the Reserve Bank’s MPC of this financial year to take decisions on interest rates was held during last week, the results of which were revealed on Thursday morning. Sensex fell by 723.57 points or 1 percent on Thursday after the Reserve Bank of India Governor announced to keep the interest rates stable again, while Nifty 50 index closed down by 212.55 points or 0.97 percent.

There was such a boom in the budget week.

Before that, there was a huge boom in the market in the budget week. During the week ending on February 2, the market not only managed to recover from the losses suffered for two consecutive weeks, but it also proved to be the best week so far this year. During the budget week, Sensex rose by 1,384.96 points (1.95 percent) and Nifty rose by 501.2 points (2.34 percent).

Many big economic figures are coming

Monday. Many factors are going to influence the market during the week starting from 12th February. Many important economic figures are going to come during the week. On the first day, on February 12, retail inflation and industrial production figures will be released. After that, wholesale inflation figures will come on February 14. Quarterly results of many companies will also be released during the week. Apart from these, the trend of global markets, crude oil prices and dollar-rupee equation will also affect the market.

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