Mandi’s death mystery: love affair, land deal worth Rs 11 lakh…how did 4 members of the family die?

Market. Four members of the family died within a span of two and a half years, but there is not the slightest wrinkle or pain on Rakesh Kumar’s face. The important thing is that Rakesh lost his wife and daughter within a month, but he is absolutely normal. In such a situation, it is natural to raise questions on these deaths. The big thing is that Rakesh has said that food poisoning was the reason behind the death of three people. The reasons for the daughter’s death have not been known yet. The matter is of Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

According to the information, many questions are being raised over the death of four members of the same family in two and a half years in village Pasal Haar of Chauntara block of Mandi district. The surprising thing is that the cause of death of all 4 people is said to be almost the same. On the other hand, after the death of three people, neither any registration was done with the police nor any post-mortem was done. But now the clampdown seems to be tightening on accused Rakesh Kumar after the death of his nine year old daughter.

It is being told that Rakesh Kumar’s parents died in the year 2021. During this time he had told that his parents died due to consumption of wild vegetables. But after the death of his parents, he had sold land worth about Rs 11 lakh. Now Mandi police has asked for records from the revenue department. The accused’s wife had died a month ago. The reason for this was also said to be food poisoning.

love affair with woman

Accused Rakesh Kumar was having an affair with a woman from Ladbhadol area and this has been revealed from the mobile call details. The police have also recorded the statement of the woman. The woman has confessed to talking to the accused on mobile and meeting her occasionally. The police have not yet given a clean chit to the woman. The police have taken blood samples of the accused’s one and a half year old girl and sent them for testing.

There was a commotion recently

Let us tell you that on September 16, there was an uproar in Pasal Panchayat of Jogindernagar sub-division of Mandi district over the death of a 9-year-old innocent child. The maternal side created a lot of uproar by holding the father responsible for the death of the innocent child. The villagers had blocked the NH near Chauntara. Earlier, angry people also tried to perform the last rites of the girl in the courtyard of the house, but the police stopped them. This nine year old innocent child of Pasal Panchayat died in PGI. The girl’s mother had died just a month ago. The matter has heated up after the death of first the wife and now the daughter. The father has been accused of killing everyone.

what does the police say

Paddhar DSP of Mandi district Sanjeev Sood said that accused Rakesh used to talk on mobile phone with a woman from Ladbhadol area. Both of them used to meet occasionally. Both of them admitted this during investigation. Records of purchase and sale of land have been sought from the Revenue Department. The police is taking the investigation forward keeping all the aspects in mind.

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