Madhubala Confined To Bed For 9 Years Actress Shocking Details Before Her Death

Madhubala: Madhubala’s beauty, known as ‘The Beauty of Tragedy’ in Hindi cinema, is not appreciated enough. Madhubala has been such an actress of Hindi cinema, whose beauty people still cite as an example. Madhubala ruled the hearts of people with her excellent acting and her unmatched beauty. Even today, a beautiful actress like her has not been seen in the industry.

Madhubala’s death was very painful
Even though Madhubala is no more in this world, she is still alive in the hearts of her fans. While her film career was full of joy, her death was equally painful. In her last days she was completely alone. He died at a very young age.

The actress was bedridden for 9 years
According to media reports, Madhubala was suffering from many diseases, due to which the amount of blood in her body started increasing. In such a situation, doctors would come to his house every day and draw blood from his body. But there was no improvement in his body.

Day by day his condition became worse and worse. Sometimes she would have difficulty in breathing and sometimes she would start coughing loudly. In such a situation, she remained bedridden for 9 years and one day she committed suicide.

The last wish remained unfulfilled
With the death of Madhubala, her last wish also remained unfulfilled. She wanted to work in director Bimal Roy’s film ‘Biraj Bahu’. The actress tried hard to work in this film, but due to some reason her wish could not be fulfilled. Let us tell you that Bimal Roy has directed films like ‘Roti Kapda Aur Makaan’.

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