Lalman of Himachal’s Balh Ghati dies in Saudi Arabia, family members waiting for dead body

Market. 49 year old Lalman, resident of Jadoli village of Balhghati of Mandi district, who was living in Saudi Arabia for the last 6 years in connection with employment, has died. It is surprising that even after 10 days have passed since Lalman’s death, no information has been given to his family by the company management nor is his body being sent back to India.

His associate informed the family about Lalman’s death over phone. The family members of the deceased have also raised this matter with Deputy Commissioner Arindam Choudhary and requested to send the body home soon. The family members are worried as there is no clarity from the company management in this matter.

Lalman was living in Saudi Arabia for the last six years due to his job. Here he was working as a mechanic in a company. Lalman’s son Mukesh told that on September 10, he received a call from one of his father’s colleagues and told him that his father had died of a heart attack, whereas no such information has been given to him yet by the company. Nor is he able to contact the company. No response has been received even after messaging the company management. Meanwhile, his father’s mobile is also not working for the last four-five days. In such a situation, the family members are in shock and are unable to understand what to do. The family has appealed to the Deputy Commissioner to provide assistance in bringing back the body.

I don’t even talk to my colleagues properly.

Let us tell you that Lalman has two sons, wife and old mother in his family. The family members are in distress after hearing the news of Lalman’s demise. Meanwhile, the family members are worried as the dead body has not yet reached India. Now the family members are not able to contact their colleagues properly.

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