Know these things before coming to IGMC, doctors going on leave from this day

Pankaj Singta/Shimla. The second team of doctors in Himachal Pradesh’s largest hospital, Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital IGMC, is about to go on leave. Earlier, the first team of doctors had gone on leave, which returned on 9 February. February 9 will be a common day, in which all the old cases will be handed over to the doctors returning from leave. With this, doctors will not have any problem regarding the medical history of any patient.

The first group of doctors had gone on leave on 2 January and all these doctors had joined back on 9 February. After this, the second group will go on leave from January 10, which will join back on March 19.

IGMC Principal Dr. Sita Thakur told Local 18 that the first team of doctors had joined on February 9. Some of these doctors have joined on 2nd February itself. The second team of doctors will go on leave from February 10 and will join again on March 19. During this period, half of the doctors in all departments go on leave once and this work is done in 2 shifts.

These difficulties arise during holidays
Dr. Sita Thakur said that during these holidays, the flow of patients is less in winter, but despite that, the work pressure on the doctors who are on duty at that time increases. A doctor has to work double and during this entire time the doctors on duty do not get any leave. After March 19, all the staff will be available in IGMC.

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