Khabron Ke Khiladi: ‘Manipur incident is trying to create separation in the country’, know the opinion of analysts

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– Photo: Amar Ujala


The Manipur incident has brought shame to the country. The Prime Minister had to give a statement on this. The opposition is besieging the government regarding this, but this incident shows how far behind we are in terms of human civilization. Senior political analysts Vinod Agnihotri, Awadhesh Kumar, Prem Kumar and Gunja Kapoor were present with us on Khabaron Ke Khiladi to discuss this sensitive issue. You can watch this discussion live on Amar Ujala’s YouTube channel at 5 pm. Read the important parts of the discussion…

Prem Kumar

‘The way the Prime Minister described the Manipur incident as a law and order issue, it is wrong. It is a question of caste violence, mass violence, failure of the administration. Even before the video went viral, the Chief Minister was aware of it and many such incidents are said to have happened there. The mob carried out this shameful incident in the presence of the police. If the video had not gone viral, then perhaps the government would not have been ashamed. The inaction after the incident is also politics.

Awadhesh Kumar

‘There is no word to comment on this incident. This shows that what else would have happened in this struggle of Manipur can only be guessed. When violence happens, humans cross all limits. So far hundreds of people have died in the ongoing violence in Manipur, more than 6700 people have been arrested, thousands have been displaced. There has been a large number of migrations. In such a situation, the responsibility of the government becomes. Efforts are being made to create division in the country. The problem of this country is also that the country gets embarrassed by the incidents where there is BJP government, but there is no talk about the incidents in other states. TMC workers in Bengal also carried out such an incident, but there was no talk on it. What is also happening with the Meitei community in Manipur. There is no armed organization in Meitai, but there is a history of armed organizations in the Kuki tribe.