Kashmera Shah 51th Birthday Celebration Photos Viral Know Actress How To Stay Fit

Kashmera Shah: Kashmira Shah turned 51 years old. The actress still raises the temperature of the internet with her fit and perfect figure. She takes great care of her fitness even at the age of 51. Actually, Kashmira is one of the fittest personalities in the industry.

Today Kashmira Shah is celebrating her 51st birthday

Actress Kashmira, who has made her own identity from TV to Bollywood, is also very active on social media and keeps entertaining her fans with her photos. While Kashmira Shah makes headlines for her relationship with comedian Krishna Abhishek, the actress also remains a topic of discussion about her fitness. Let us know on Kashmiri Shah’s birthday how she remains so fit even at the age of 51.

This is how Kashmira Shah keeps herself fit

Kashmira Shah never shies away from flaunting her fit body. Kashmira Shah has shown that age is just a number. The actress has maintained a fit and slim figure since the beginning. As seen from his social media posts,

How did the actress lose 15 kg weight during Covid?

Talking about her weight loss during the pandemic, Kashmira Shah revealed that she had lost around 15 kg. Interestingly, his diet for weight loss had started two months before the pandemic started. Kashmira Shah did not want to give up her diet, so she decided to continue her diet and eat less.

Married an actor 12 years younger to me

According to the actress, after dating, Krishna Kashmira realized that both of them were made for each other. After this both of them decided to get married. After living together for a long time, both of them got married secretly in the year 2013. Let us tell you that Krishna is 12 years younger than Kashmira.

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