Kadaisi Vivasayi actress Kasiammal beaten to death by her son

Kadaisi Vivasayi Actress Kasiammal death: A very bad news is coming out from Tamil. Everyone is surprised to hear this. Actually the film South Cinema’s film ‘Kadaisi Vivasayi’ (Kadai Vivasayi) Actress Kasiyammal ( who played a brilliant role inKasiyammal) is no more in this world. According to reports, the actress has been murdered at the age of 74. His fans are quite shocked to hear this news. Friends, there is a wave of hobby in the entire industry.

Actress murdered for not paying for liquor

According to the police, Kasiyammal’s son brutally murdered his mother after not getting the money for liquor. The murder incident is said to have taken place at 3 am on February 4. Kasiyammal had refused to give money for liquor to his 51-year-old son. Due to which the angry son murdered him.

Son beats girl to death with a belt

According to reports, at the age of 74, actress Kasiyammal was brutally beaten to death by her own son by beating her with a wooden plank. Actually, there was a dispute between Kasiyammal and his 51 year old son Nammakodi over drinking alcohol. Nammakodi had asked his mother for money to buy liquor but Kasiyammal had refused. After which the angry son committed a horrific incident.

There had been disputes between mother and son many times before.

Nammakodi, the son who murdered the actress, has also separated from his wife and lived with his mother. Nammakodi was dependent on his mother and is addicted to alcohol, due to which he had many disputes with his mother. There was an argument between the two on February 4 also. After which Nammakodi killed his mother Kasiyammal.

Kasiyammal’s work in the film was praised

Actress Kasiyammal was seen in an important role in the film ‘Kadaisi Vivasayi’. In which the work done by the actress was highly appreciated. In this film, the life of farmers was shown on the silver screen. Late actors Nallandi and Vijay Sethupathi were in lead roles in the film. This film won the Best Tamil Film of the Year award. Now after hearing the news of the death of the actress, the stars working with her have also become very upset.

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